Inklusion. Exklusion. Künste. Textsammlung zu Ungleichheiten und Normativitäten an Kunsthochschulen –
Penser l’inclusion et l’exclusion dans les arts. Recueil sur la normativité et les inégalités dans l’enseignement artistique supérieur

Edited by Sophie Vögele, Philippe Saner, and Carmen Mörsch; supported by Pauline Vessely

The reader will be available in 2020 in hard copy, digital, and open access with Peter Lang. The digital version will be available here on this blog.

During the co-research process, while providing five major colloquia with invitations to international guests and featuring educational debate on core themes and theories of social inequality, the Art.School.Differences team prepared five thematic collections of texts to serve as a basis for the joint discussion. These collections have now been revised and complemented with extensive introductions, a glossary, and didactical questions. The resultant Art.School.Differences reader is five volumes long with each volume covering a specific theme: the first volume is an introduction to the field of inequality studies in art, art schools, and higher education; the second is on (de)constructing the art school, core sociological concepts, and specific categories of analysis; the third focuses on (de)colonising the art school, anti-discrimination, and methods of feminist and post_colonial critique; the fourth is on (de)privileging the art school with a special emphasis on whiteness and critical diversity; and the fifth centres on (de)normalising the art school and diversifying the politics of representation by considering disability, ableism, and the body.

The texts are in German, French and English, but the reader mainly intended for German and French readers. The reader has been designed by Nicole Boillat and will be available in hard copy, digital, and open access with Peter Lang as editor. The digital version will be available here on this blog.

Reader 1. Ungleichheiten und Normativitäten im Feld der Kunsthochschule erforschen – Inégalités et normativités dans le champ de l’enseignement artistique supérieur: un état des lieux de la recherche

Reader 2. (De-)Konstruktionen der Kunsthochschule: Soziologien der Bildung und der Kunst – (De-)construire l’enseignement artistique supérieur: Sociologies de l’éducation et de l’art

Reader 3. (De-)Kolonisierung der Kunsthochschule: Methoden feministischer post_kolonialer Kritik und der Anti-Diskriminierung – (De-)coloniser l’enseignement artistique supérieur: Méthodes de critique féministe post_coloniale et de l’anti-discrimination

Reader 4. (De-)Privilegierung der Kunsthochschule: weiss-Sein, Migration, Klasse und Geschlecht zwischen Diversity und Internationalisierung – (De-)privilégier l’enseignement artistique supérieur: Blanchité, migration, classe et genre, entre diversité et internationalisation

Reader 5. (De-)Normalisierung der Kunsthochschule: Ableismus, Körperlichkeit und Politiken der Repräsentation – (De-)normaliser l’enseignement artistique supérieur: Capacitisme, corporéité et politiques de la représentation