For our investigation into the “intrinsic logic of design,” eight typical design-based research projects were chosen, which provide answers to the above questions. The method chosen for the study is based on actor-network theory and “follows the actors,” actants, and networks through the development stages of the selected design projects.



01_still_interview_white_21. Money Cultures

Prof. Dr. Gerhard M. Buurman

Money Cultures

Interview with Gerhard M. Buurman


lulke_both2. Interaction Design

Prof. Dr. Karmen Franinovic

Enactive Environments

Interview with Luke Franzke




bitten_both3. Trends & Event

Bitten Stetter

Mine Victims in Angola

Interview with Bitten Stetter





joel_both4. Product Design

Michael Krohn

Mobility Zurich 2025 – AUDI Urban Future Initiative

Interview with Michael Krohn and Joël Bourgeois





5. Game Design

Prof. Ulrich Götz


Interview with Ulrich Götz





david_both6. Scientific Visualization

Nikolaus Heeb, Jeanne Peter

The Musculature of a Horse’s Head

 Pferdeanatomie, Vetsuisse

Interview with David Schürch





noa_both7. Visual Communikation

Cybu Richli

The Pain Interpreter

Interview with Noa Stemmer-Holtz




tanja_both8. Research Focus Products and Spaces

Dr. Tanja Herdt

The Zurich Atlas Project

Interview with Tanja Herdt