Virtual Production (Pilot, 2018)

Virtual Production Workshop at  the IASpace 2018. (Photo byDavid Oesch, ZHdK)

Another IASpace pilot project focuses on the question of virtual production. Spaces and objects are captured as 3D models with laser scanning and photogrammetric measurements, which are then used for real-time simulations. Creative teams can thus pre-visualize and test audiovisual ideas before the actual film production begins. Real-time simulations are an important part of the future direction of IASpace.

A proven expert in previsualization and virtual production, the film producer Mirko Lempert joined the IASpace team  in the autumn semester of 2018. Mirko was recruited as Artist in Residence at the ZHdK. He also is an assistant professor at Stockholm University of the Arts.

The ‘Previs Table’ is used as a communication tool in pre-production and enables real time previsualizations of film scenes. (Bild: David Oesch, ZHdK)

Project lead: Christian Iseli
Team: Mirko Lempert (University of the Arts, Stockholm), Simon Broggi, Martin Fröhlich, Valentin Huber, Norbert Kottmann, Simon Pfaff, Max Rheiner, Michael Schaerer

3D model of the Toni areal based on photogrammetry and 3d laser scanning. The model is used for real time simulations for lighting or scene blocking. (Screen shot by Valentin Huber, ZHdK 2018)