3D Scan & photogrammetry

Take a short tour through different 3d Scan and photogrammetry systems first!

Something basic about photogrammetry: In this video you see some animated Filmworks scanning artists.

Photogrammetry vs 3D Scanner…

Agisoft is very often used for photogrammetry. Check Roman’s workflow as sample…

There’s a complete tutorial about Agisoft photoscan Teclab- blog

See also released models made with Agisoft photoscan on sketchfab

3D Scan

Our most popular used system is called Skanect. It is a very fast way to get 3D data. It works with Microsofts Kinekt Camera (XBox Cam). Free account allows to export around 5-10 3d models, after you need to create a full version to export more files in high definition quality.