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~ tilde im Windtunnel

Herzlich willkommen, we are happy to welcome:

The X – cene Matinee is an event series that examines the diverse manifestations and current discourse surrounding the Anthropocene, Pyrocene, Capitalocene, Plantationocene, and Chthulucene. In the Wind Tunnel we seek to discover new forms of communication by translating scientific data and psychological states into visual, audible, and tangible experiences. Together with the audience and select invitees, we search to pose the right questions about interdependent living and the human role in the new era. Creating individual and collective encounters, the answers we find might be esoteric, spiritual, dramatic, inspirational, fictional, aesthetical, analytical, intellectual, or may be no answers at all.

The X-cene Matinee will take place on three weekends throughout Fall 2020, with contributions by Clemens Krauss, Isabel Lewis & Stefanie Hessler, and Isabel Nolan. 

The event series is affiliated with the seminar “Oral History” at the ETH, Zurich.

~ tilde is a collective in flux founded by the cultural scientist and curator Helene Romakin (Berlin/Zurich) and the artist collective U5 (Zurich). Oscillating between places and times ~ tilde documents, fictionalizes, digitalizes, contextualizes, initiates, and organizes event series. X-cene Matinee is a collaboration between Florian Dombois and ~ tilde.

Instagram: tilde_operator