Prof. Giaco Schiesser
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>> Zurich University of the Arts, ZHdK |
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, ZHdK

Founder + Head joint PhD programme „Fine Arts / Transdisciplinarity“  ZHdK – Kunstuniversität Linz/Austria
(2012 – 2021; since 2017 together with Prof. Dr. Florian Dombois)

>> University of Arts and Design Linz/Austria |
Kunstuniversität Linz/Österreich
Visiting Professor for artistic and academic PhDs (since 2007)

>> Scientific expertise (boards, reviews, expertises)  |
Wissenschaftliche Gremien- und Gutachtertätigkeit

> Zurich University of the Arts, ZHdK |
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, ZHdK

Director Department of Art & Media (today: Department of Fine Arts) (2002 – 2017)

> Society for Artistic Research, SAR
Executive Board, member/vice-president (2013/2015-2020)

Awards  Preise
Awardee Top 100 Leaders in Education. (2019; first-time edition)
The purpose of  the award–awarded by the “Global Forum for Education & Learning“ (GFEL)–is, «to honor the relentless efforts and zeal of individuals, who have played  a prominent role in changing the face of education at the global as well as the local level.”

>  Fields of work and publications  |
Arbeits- und Publikationsfelder:
Epistemology, Aesthetics, Art Research  |  Theories of Cultures, Media, Subjects  |  Digitalization  |  Democracy, Public Spheres, Every Day Culture
Epistemologie, Ästhetik, Kunst Forschung  |  Kultur-, Medien-, Subjekttheorie  |  Digitalisierung  |  Demokratie, Öffentlichkeiten, Alltagskultur

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Aktuelle Aktivitäten / Current Activities
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2018 -2021

  • Research project Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates (co-applicant, member project team)
    Project Website: Advancing Supervision
    Funding Agency: EU / Programme: Erasmus+
    EC Project Number: 2018-1-AT01-KA203-039320 Project Card
    Term: September 1, 2018 – August  31/December 31, 2021 (expanded, due to the Corona pandemy)
    Partners: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna / Austria (Lead); Aaarhus School of Architecture / Denmark; Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design/University of Bergen / Norway; Orpheus Institute, Ghent / Belgium; Glasgow School of Arts / UK; University of Art and Design Linz / Austria; Academy of Fine Arts Prague / Czech Republic;  Departement of Fine Art/Zurich University of the Arts / Switzerland; European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA)
    Capacity: Co-applicant, member projct team
    Deliveries: 3 Multiplayer Events in Stuttgart (2019), Ghent (2020) and Vienna (2021)
    On-going, preliminary publications: Advancing Supervision
    Final publications: December 2021.


September 2021

  • Kurhaus Bergün – Ein Grand-Hôtel im Wandel der Zeiten.
    Hrsg. von Giaco Schiesser / VR Kurhaus Bergün AG. Zürich: Hier + Jetzt 2021.

May 2021

  • 9th Bucharest Biennale: Farewell to Research.
    Moderator & supervisor for the  Biennale’s core exhibition-in-process, where twenty selected researchers from ten European doctoral programs participate (University of Bergen, Bucharest National University of the Arts, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, TU Dublin, PXL Hasselt, Uniarts Helsinki, Slade School of Fine Art London, Academy of Fine Arts Prague, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Zurich University of the Arts).  Bucharest, May 2021. (Postponed  from 2020 to 2021, due to the Corona pandemy)


November 2020

  • Erasmus+ Project Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates.
    Multiplier Event: Feed-back – feed-forward. Approaches to artistic feedback in doctoral supervision .(Moderator)
    Organized by Orpheus Institute, Ghent/Belgium, Nov 25-26, 2020. (online event, due to the Corona pandemy)
  • PhD group meeting #3/2020. Guest: Sarah Burger, PhD, Lecturer at ZHdK + University tof the Arts Berne/Switzerland (PhD ZhdK/University of Art and Design Linz/Austria).
    ZHdK, Toni-Areal, Zurich, Nov 12-13, 2020.

October 2020

  • PhD Examination Committee (Member):
    Defence of Petra Köhle’s and Nicolas Vermot’s collaborative PhD transkribieren, sprechen, wiederholen. Transformation als künstlerische Praxis  at Kunstuniversität Linz. Linz, October 9, 2020.

August 2020

  • PhD group, annual one week retreat.
    Bergün/Switzerland, August 23-29, 2020.

May  2020

  • PhD group meeting #2/2020. Guest: – . (Internal, online meeting, due to the Corona pandemic)
    Online, May 19, 2020.

Februar 2020

  • PhD group meeting #1/2020. Guest: Dr. Marie Louise Crawley, Assistant Professor (Doctorate in Dance Studies, Coventry University, UK).
    ZHdK, Toni-Areal, Zurich, Feb 19-21, 2020.
  • SAR (Society for Artistic Research) Election Committtee 2020.
    Chair of the Committee (members: Emma Cocker, Nottingham Trent University/UK; Paula Crabtree, Uniarts Stockholm/SWE; Giaco Schiesser, ZHdK/CH).
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