Kajsa Antonsson

Kajsa Antonsson (SE) recently finished her BA in composition at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, Sweden. She did her last year at Universität der Künste in Berlin, where she is currently based. In her practice, Kajsa explores how sound exists in relation to bodies and how bodily presence and other multisensorial impulses silently shapes the experiences of music. Her works often seeks to decentralize the audible aspect of sound through focusing on tactile interaction with various materials. Kajsa has been an active member of Konstmusiksystrar since joining in summer 2015, and has been involved as producer in several of the network’s projects. In 2016 – 2017, she collaborated with composers Kajsa Magnarsson and Madeleine Jonsson Gille, with the network’s own ensemble KS Rock at 24kvm in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2019, Kajsa was nominated chairperson of the inter-nordic organization and festival Young Nordic Music (UNM).