The second International Design Summer School (IDSS) is build as a continuous course for Design students from different parts of the world. IDSS 2014 is held at the College of Design and Innovation Tongji University in Shanghai, China. It takes place between 25th August and 5th September 2014.

Urban farming – Inside and Outside

In China farming is discussed as a subject to break down the spatial boundary, also helping urban and rural life inspiring from each other, carrying on the heritage along with new technology. Chinese rural area features a rich heritage of craftsmanship in which the farming skills is fundamental of peoples’ life. But today, in most of the modern urban societies, farming is seen as artifact.

IDSS 2014 takes the Design Harvests project from Chongming Island, Shanghai as background and focuses on the transformation of traditional crafts with use of modern technology and open design process. The workshop aims to explore ways to preserve and input new value to farming crafts combined with the clean technology and distributed manufacture. Excursions to rural places and related organizations are part of the International Design Summer School in Shanghai.