New collaboration with AmazonFACE

Assessing the effects of increased CO2 on the resilience oft he Amazon Forest

AmazonFACE is a free-air CO2 enrichment (FACE) experiment assessing the effects of increased atmospheric CO2 on the ecology and resilience of the Amazon forest. The experiment will simulate the atmospheric CO2 composition of the future in order to help answer the question: How will rising atmospheric CO2 affect the resilience of the Amazon forest, the biodiversity it harbors, and the ecosystem services it provides?

AmazonFACE extended by Acoustic Ecology and Artistic Research

In this collaborative preliminary study of AmazonFACE and the Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK, we examine the possibilities of acoustic and artistic methods to contribute to the research on the effects of increased CO2 on the ecology and resilience of the Amazon Forest. We will adapt the acoustic recording technology developed by the ICST to an AmazonFACE measurement plot, record the acoustic events in the soil-plant-atmosphere system and combine these recordings with data sonifications (a transformation of data streams into sound and music) of ecological measurement data from the site, seeking for correlations between the recorded sounds and the measured effects of an increased CO2 input into a local ecosystem. The main goal here is to render effects of increasing CO2 in the atmosphere on a local ecosystem artistically perceptible and examinable and to communicate in a new way scientific findings as broad as possible.

A first prototype of the sound installation playing the recordings from the Amazon forest will be presented on 7/8 June 2017 at the Inter-American Development Bank Headquarters as well as at the Brazilian Embassy in Washington.

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