Was is(s)t Zürich?

In the context of the research project “re/occupation”, which takes place in collaboration with the Schauspielhaus Zürich and the ETH (professorship for architecture and city planning) at the instute for theory of the Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK), we examine by means of theatrical/performative interventions in urban space the possibilities of designing the public.
From 19th to 23rd September during lunchtime at different places of Zürich, we exchanged a bowl of soup for a talk about different subjects concerning the city of Zürich. On the 29th of September, we exhibit the collected “recepies for Zürich” in the great city installation „Alles muss Weg – 9 Tage urbaner Auverkauf“ in the Schiffbau.

Nightly Research Salons accompanying the Ciudades Paralelas Festival

On seven evenings, Research Salons and public talks are held in the festival center in the Schiffbau. Guests from academic and cultural backgrounds meet with the artists of Ciudades Paralelas, exchange their impressions about and thoughts of the recently visited places and discuss this special form of theater performance.

June 24 Lukas Bärfuss (author, Schauspielhaus Zurich) und Nikolaus Müller-Schöll (theater scholar, University of Hamburg) speak with Mariano Pensotti and Ligna
June 25 Martin Burckhardt (philosopher, Berlin) and Christopher Dell (musician and theorist of improvisation, Darmstadt) speak with Christian Garcia
June 27 Andres Bosshard (sound researcher and -composer, Zurich) and Philip Ursprung (art historian, ETH) speak with Ant Hampton
June 28 Christopher Henning (philosopher, University of St. Gall) and Clemens Bellut (philosopher, ZHdK) speak with Gerardo Naumann
June 29 Jens Badura (philosopher, ZHdK) and Angeli Janhsen (art historian, University of Freiburg) speak with Ligna und Lola Arias
June 30 Georg Christoph Tholen (media and art scholar, University of Basel) and Patrick Primavesi (theater scholar, University of Leipzig) speak with Dominic Huber
July 1 Miriam Drewes (theater scholar, University of Munich) speaks with Stefan Kaegi

Moderation und conception: Imanuel Schipper

The research labs are part of the project „Re/Occupation – design of publics in urban space through theatrical interventions“ (project leader: Imanuel Schipper). „Re/Occupation“ is funded by the Swiss National Fonds (DoRe) and based at the ZHdK (Institut Design2context) and the ETH (professorship for architecture and urban development).

Rem Koolhaas & Bernhard Tschumi. A Conversation moderated by Stephan Trüby with an introduction by Marc Angélil and Philip Ursprung

Rem Koolhaas & Bernhard Tschumi
A Conversation moderated by Stephan Trüby
with an introduction by Marc Angélil and Philip Ursprung

Date: wednesday, 18. may 2011
Time: 19:00
Place: ETH Campus Hönggerberg Auditorium HIL E1, E3 und E4

Rem Kohlhaas and Bernard Tschumi not only belong to the most influential architects but also to the most influential theorists of architetcure of present time. Their biographies show striking similarities: Both were born 1944, both have a broad interest in film (Kohlhaas even worked as a screenwriter before he became an architect); both were in Paris during may 1968, both moved to Manhattan beginning of the seventies and discovered at the same time New York City as subject of an intellectual dispute about the city of present time; and both oevres stand for something what could be called “performative turn” in architecture: They do not only reflect upon the “stone” of architecture, but also the “meat” of architetcure: functions, acts, programms, actions within the built space. Never before, they discussed about the shared interest and different approaches. Moderated by Stephan Trüby (ZHdK) and with an intruduction by Marc Angélil and Philip Ursprung (both ETH Zurich), they will do on the 18th of may in Zurich.

No entrance fee.


A cooperation of the departement architecture of the ETH Zurich
with the postgraduate-programm MAS Spatial Design
an the SNF-Project Re/Occupation (both Zurich University of the Arts).