Monika Żyła

Monika Żyła is a musicologist, cultural theorist, author, and pianist. She is working on her Ph.D. dissertation “Contemporary Music and Its Others: Female Composers, Gender Politics and Constructions of National Identity at the Warsaw Autumn Festival” (working title) in the Department of Musicology and Dance Studies at the University of Salzburg.

Żyła gives workshops and lectures on gender issues in contemporary music and sound art both in the academic and festival context. She taught at the University of Vienna, Salzburg and Berlin University of the Arts. She has published articles in Glissando, Ruch Muzyczny, Dwutygodnik, Odra, Krytyka Polityczna, Circuit-Musiques Contemporaines, and Contemporary Music Review. Her peer-reviewed article “The Need for Otherness: Hispanic Music at ‘Warsaw Autumn’” was published recently in Contemporary Music Review, Volume 38 Issue 1-2. Her first peer-reviewed article “Cornelius Carew behind the Iron Curtain” appeared in the Canadian musicological journal Circuit — Musiques Contemporaines (Volume 28, Issue 3) published by the University of Montreal.

Żyła is an author and producer of the series of podcasts about contemporary music and sound art. In the season 2018/2019, she artistically directed a series of 24-hour staged performances VEXATIONS: REVISITED based on Eric Sate’s Vexations from 1893. She is a president of Frankfurter Gesellschaft für Neue Musik.