Valentina Bertolani

Valentina Bertolani is a musicologist specialized in experimental and electronic music, collective improvisation, and cultural diplomacy. She is also interested in cultural policy and tensions between transnational and local cultural networks. She is one of the co-editors of the book Live-Electronic Music: Composition, Performance, Study (Routledge 2018). Her work has been published in miscellaneous volumes and in Music Theory Online and presented at numerous international conferences. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Calgary (Canada) where she was the recipient of various awards and scholarships, such as the prestigious Izaak Killam Walton Scholarship. She pursued master and bachelor degrees from the Department of Musicology and Cultural Heritage at the University of Pavia. She received the Deep Listening® certificate from the Deep Listening Institute created by Pauline Oliveros. She taught undergraduate courses and seminars at the University of Calgary (Canada) and University of Birmingham (UK).