The sound-art project sonozones explored Mülheim through directed listening with performative methods, through installative augmentation of urban spaces by intervention, and the experience of the ‚place-ness‘ through listening while field-recording. The project’s principal aim was to collect traces and artefacts of artistic processes that permit an interpretation of key-elements of the public and personal dimension of listening and sounding through artistic practices. The central question of this project was how an art form that builds on non-narrative material and perception can create an impact in the lived world and social environments. 

The project took an investigative approach where explorations, experimentations, interventions, and performances put the artistic practice into focus.
Cathy van Eck’s Extended Ears investigated materials and processes for directed listening, evaluated the limits, and led to their performative applications as social and shared situations in public. Augmenting Urban Sounds with Kirsten Reese was about exploration and collection of sonic characteristics of the place, using transformation and composition to modulate in subtle ways the urban sonic spaces. Trond Lossius‘ Losing Myself in the World exposed the sense of place generated by extended listening. In the public space, the act of recording had a signalling function, enabling social moments of shared listening with the public to occur. The main project outcome is located within the experience of the places of Mülheim through listening and intervening and was deeply informed by the practices and processes carried out by the four artists. Throughout the project the experience was shared and communicated to the public, by letting others partake in the practice and by exposing ourselves with our activities to their perception in the public places in Mülheim. (JS)

Extended Ears
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by Cathy Eck
sound artist
HKB Bern

Augmenting Urban Sounds
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by Kirsten Reese
sound artist
UdK Berlin

Losing Myself in the World
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by Trond Lossius
sound and installation artist
Bergen, Norway

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by Jan Schacher
sound artist
ZHdK, Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology ICST

In October 2014 we published an article on sonozones in the Journal for Artistic Research, Volume 6.
The article covers the entire project in depth and provides many texts and audio-visual materials documenting the project.
The article is overlapping in some ways with the book and this web-repository but is in English only.
Go to the JAR article here:



Two maps of our activities in Mülheim: Cathy van Eck Kirsten Reese Trond Lossius

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