Jurgen Krusche is a cultural scientist and artist; he conducted several research projects at the Zurich University of Arts (ZHdK) and ETH Zurich in the area of urban studies, with an emphasis on public spaces in cross cultural perspective between Europe, China and Japan.

Since 2011 he is head of research focus PUBLIC CITY at Institute for Contemporary Art Research (IFCAR) at ZHdK; 2007-11 he conducted the research project Taking to the Streets at Faculty of Architecture, ETH Zurich; between 2001-06 he researched at Institute for Critical Theory (ITH) at ZHdK; since 1990 he works and exhibits as an artist and lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland, and Hannover, Germany

Research Projects

2017 – 20 The fragmented City. Processes and Strategies of Exclusion and their Impact on Public Spaces, financed by Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), IFCAR — ZHdK

2014 – 16 Politics of Space – Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong, in collaboration with School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong and Connecting Spaces Hong Kong Zurich, IFCAR, ZHdK

2013 – 14 Burau Savamala Belgrade, in collaboration with Goethe-Institute Belgrade, IFCAR, ZHdK

2013 Labor Mülheim, in collaboration with Urbane Künste Ruhr, IFCAR, ZHdK

2007 – 11 Taking to the Streets. Streets as public spaces in Berlin, Shanghai, Tokyo and Zurich, Faculty of Architecture, ETH Zurich

2005 – 06 city_space_transitions – zurich, berlin, tokyo, Institue for Critical Theory, ZHdK

2002 – 03 JAPAN swiss made, Institue for Critical Theory, ZHdK


2017 Politics of Space – Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong (Ed.), MCCM Creations, Hong Kong

2017 Die ambivalente Stadt (Ed.), Jovis Verlag, Berlin

2015 Bureau Savamal Belgrade. Urban Research and Practice in a fast-changing

Neighborhood (Ed. with Philipp Klaus), Jovis Verlag, Berlin

2015 Labor Mülheim. Künstlerisches Forschen in Feldern zwischen Prekarität und Kreativität (Ed.), Jovis Verlag, Berlin

2011 Strassenräume Berlin, Shanghai, Tokyo, Zürich. Eine foto-ethnografische Untersuchung, Müller Publishers, Baden

2010 Tokyo. Die Strasse als gelebter Raum (Ed. with Frank Roost), Müller Publishers, Baden

2008 Der Raum der Stadt (Ed. with Japanese-German Center Berlin), Jonas Verlag, Marburg

2006 Matterhorn Dreams (Ed. with Shinya Takagi), ichii publishing, Tokyo

2004 „In fact no one actually looks at architecture“, HGKZ, Zurich

2003 Hetreotopien : Kulturen, Magazin 31, Nr.3, (Ed. with Jorg Huber), HGKZ, Zh

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