Since entering the world of book publishing, MCCM’s aspirations have remained consistent – to bring readers original and inspiring books from authors and designers who share a passion for books as objects, as well as a strong desire for exploring hybrid concepts.

Our published titles have a strong cultural slant. Broadly speaking, they fall into two genres: firstly, visual culture books related to architecture, art, design in Hong Kong, and neighbouring cities in the region – these titles often reflect the cultural and social profiles of a place and inspire discussion and out-of-the box thinking; secondly, illustrated fiction and picture books for children and young adults with the purpose of nurturing intellectual and aesthetic development beyond the regular school syllabus. Most of our titles are published in English or Bilingual, mostly Chinese and English, with two titles recently published in English and French. We have published over 100 titles to date. A large part of our publishing archive documents Hong Kong’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

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Selection of Publications

Architecture & Urbanism

—   Make Room – Afterlives of theses

—   Portraits from Above

—   Kowloon Cultural District

—   The Urban Design of Impermance

—   The Urban Design of Concession

—   Being Chinese in Architecture

—   My 32m2 Appartement

Art & Photography

—   The Urbanites

—   Crossing Boundaries

—   Collective Space

—   A China Chronicle

City Culture & Heritage

—   One Couple two Cultures

—   Mapping Sydney

Design & Visual Culture

—   Impression Architecture

—   A Hong Kong Toy Story

—   RedWhiteBlue

—   Flatness Folded

Other categories

Performing Arts, Poetry & Stories, Illustrated Fiction, Picture Books

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