„Virtual particles are not in the void but of the void. They are on the razor edge of non/ being. The void is a lively tension, a desiring orientation toward being/becoming. The vac- uum is flush with yearning, bursting with in- numerable imaginings of what could be. The quiet cacophony of different frequencies, pitches, tempos, melodies, noises, pentatonic scales, cries, blasts, sirens, sighs, syncopations, quarter tones, allegros, ragas, bebops, hip- hops, whimpers, whines, screams, are threaded through the silence, ready to erupt, but simul- taneously crosscut by a disruption, dissipating, dispersing the would-be sound into non/being, an indeterminate symphony of voices. The blank page teeming with the desires of would-be traces of every symbol, equation, word, book, library, punctuation mark, vowel, diagram, scribble, inscription, graphic, letter, inkblot, as they yearn toward expression. A jubilation of emptiness.
Don’t for a minute think that there are no material effects of yearning and imagining.“

-Karen Barad,What is the measure of nothingness? Infinity, virtuality, justice, p. 13, published by documenta und Museum Fridericianum Veranstaltungs-GmbH. Kassel, Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2012

-vorgeschlagen von Chantal Küng, Unterrichtsassistentin Master Art Education, Kunstpädagogik, DKV.