Oser, Jaques Dutoit, SWITZERLAND 1983-1984, 16 mm, color, sound, 21 Min. [Forein Language Titles] Versions Credits Production: Sappho films Cast: Micheline Zederman, Lucia Fioravanti, Katia Talà, Eric Lanz Camera Music: Daniel Delisle Other Synopsis [up to 10 lines] Distribution Screenings First screening: Other screenings: Awards Materials: Oser files CS Jacques Dutoit Oser CS

Dutoit, Jaques

List of Films   Matière grise, Jaques Dutoit, Luc Monnier, 1970, 16mm, 10 Min. E soixante-dix, Jaques Dutoit, Luc Monnier, 1971, 16mm, 10 Min. Trait d’union, Jaques Dutoit, 1981, 16mm, 53 Min. Oser, Jaques Dutoit, 1983, 16 mm, 21 Min. Lisi strates, Jaques Dutoit, 1986, 16 mm, 22 Min. Plaisir, Jaques Dutoit, 2000, Beta SP, 10 Min. Le Corps qui chante, Jaques Dutoit, 2001, Beta SP, 30 Min. Jours heureux, Jaques Dutoit, 2002/03, long version, Beta SP, 91 Min. Jours heureux, Jaques Dutoit, 2003, shortened TV version, Beta SP, 52…