20. April 2018, 18 – ca. 20 Uhr

Artist Talk
Open Call Studierende

Tanja Sokolnykova & Hiwa K
DKV, MA Art Education

Conversation with the artist Hiwa K
Moderated by Tanja Sokolnykova, Student of Master in Curatorial Studies
In the frame of familiar atmosphere alike in told myths of Black Mountain College, we exchange thoughts and stillness, tell anecdotes and listen life stories, exploring the phenomena of silence and its dual nature – as a form of resistance and obedience contrariwise. Through the artistic work of German-Kurdish artist Hiwa K, his understanding of being „gehörsam“ as well his approach toward vernacular forms of knowledge, we rethink institutionalized forms of learning and modes of knowledge production. We discuss what potential meanings does silence carry in our time of overproduction, neoliberalization of education, noise and information infusion, hostility and civic passivity. Can we reach a change of mind and foster an engaged awareness at the limits of language and activities, using a space between thoughts, words or tunes?

John Cage placed silence at the heart of his artistic-pedagogical practice as well of his lectures during the happening „Untitled Event“ at the BMC (1952). We expand the idea of silence and contextualize it in the political framework with a view to its value in Art Education.

Image: Arbeitsplatz (Workspace), 2005. Courtesy of Hiwa K