Frédéric Gonseth

List of Films   La petite est morte, Frédéric Gonseth, CH ca. 1968, 30 Min.   Bio   Articles about (and from) the Author and his Work   “Zum Beispiel Frédéric Gonseth”, Luzerner Tagblatt, Zuger Tagblatt,, Fritz Schaub (CSZ) Flugblatt, (durch Gonseth an den Solothurner Filmtagen verteilt) Comte auto-bio-filmo-(deambulo)-Graphie par F. Gonseth (CSZ) obiges als PDF Fredédéric_Gonseth Screenings (Places and Dates) Cine Circus, Bern, 1968 Holdings of Films in Collections . Miscellaneous .