cine graphia. la linea in movimento

cine graphia. la linea in movimento. la fotographia di movimento – il cinema sperimentale – l’arte video. 1 festival videoart locarno From 31/08/1980 to 10/08/1980 Place: galleria flaviana, locarno Number of Editions Sections: “photography of movement”; “experimental cinema”; “videoart”. Curators: Rinaldo Bianda Filmmakers, Artists: Jean-Michel Bouhours; Raymonde Carasco; Gerard Courant; Marcel Duchamp; Claudine Ezykman; Marcel Hanoun; Patrice Kirchhofer; Chris Marker; Jonas Mekas; Jacques Monory; Werner Nekes; Man Ray; Paul Sharits; Unglee. Films, Works:   Prizes Catalogues and Leaflets:   Press Circulation of the event