ACTION/FILM/VIDEO 1972 From 12/05/1972 to 18/05/1972   Place: Galerie Impact, Lausanne Number of Editions: 1 Sections: Action (performance), film, video Curators: Galerie Impact Filmmakers, Artists: Groupe Imaginaire, Guy Milliard, Gerald Minkoff, Jean Otth, Janos Urban (video, Switzerland).René Bauermeister, Corsin Fontana, Groupe Beca, Groupe Jecab, Gerald Minkoff (8mm film, Switzerland) René Bauermeister, Gérald Ducimetiere, Herwin Huppert, Eva Lurati (16mm film, Switzerland) Films, Works 8mm Film: René Bauermeister, sans titre (with C.-A. Voser) Corsin Fontana, Action, 20 min. Groupe Beca, Avril-juin 71, 25 min. Groupe Jecab, Lebendigul, 40 min. Gérald Minkoff, Sea-Information-Piece…

Immer wieder, zurück

Immer wieder, zurück, Rolf Winnewisser, SWITZERLAND 1984, 16mm, bw/color, sound, 00 Min. [Forein Language Titles] Versions Credits Production Cast Camera Music Other Synopsis [up to 10 lines] Distribution Screenings First screening: Other screenings: Awards Materials (1984) IMMER WIEDER, ZURÜCK. Ein film von Rolf Winnewisser, Schweizer Institut in Rom.