Inventory Liestal

Baselland Psychiatric Centre (PBL), Liestal
Hasenbühl Collection

Hasenbühl “sanatorium and psychiatric nursing home” was opened in 1934. Until 1877, patients suffering from physical or mental illness, the residents of almshouses, and other citizens in need were housed in one and the same hospital in the Canton of Baselland. In 1877, a separate hospital was built. The former building, the “Pfrund” (almshouse), served both as a nursing- and elderly people’s home and as a mental asylum, until the canton purchased the “Hasenbühl” estate, which made it possible to open a psychiatric clinic. Today, Baselland Psychiatric Centre houses 252 patients. All Hasenbühl patient records dating back to 1830 were examined (a total of 850 files). Thirteen works by patients were found, including caricatures by Jakob A.-K (1893–?) and “Eine kleine Erfindung” by Albert W. (1865–?).

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