Videobeitrag von Nicola Genovese, Student Master Fine Arts, DKM

When borders look like jellyfishes is a reenactment of some of Gauguin’s famous Tahiti paintings. The video combines the luscious landscape of the garden of Jung’s former house in Bollingen, immersed in the ‚tipically Swiss‘ view over lake Zurich, with a first person voice over narration vividly portraying the experiences of Gauguin’s first visit to the island, through excerpts from his Tahitian Journal (1891–3).

The piece unveils the exotic approach still currently permeating everyday life and comments on the commodification of the myth of authenticity within a globalized economy. The video is at once an ironic investigation of landscape as well as self portraiture. My presence in the video attempts to exoticise myself and my position as a migrant to Switzerland, while breaking the atavic relationship between nature and femininity.


  • Paul Gauguin: Noa Noa. The Tahitian Journal, New York 1985 (Onlinetext)