20. April bis 27. Mai 2018
Ebene 6, Wand beim Kafi Z

Artist Christian Falsnaes, participants Dorothee Richter, Miriam Bayersdörfer and students of the Postgraduate Programme in Curating 2014, Production: Christian Falsnaes and the Postgraduate Programme in Curating, Zurich

WB, CAS/MAS Curating

Production of a video for the exhibition Is it (Y)ours?, Museum Bärengasse, 2014
This video work was produced for the exhibition Is it (Y)ours? at Museum Bärengasse. The exhibition was curated by Damian Jurt and Dorothee Richter and was part of a shared project at the CAS/MAS Programme in Curating (www.curating.org) in 2014. Performance artist Christian Falsnaes was invited to produce a video emanating from a performative workshop he conducted with the students of the Postgraduate Programme in Curating. The workshop blurred the borders between the artist and audience, the public and the private.
Most urgent questions for the exhibition were: Who owns the public space? How can we formulate claims and contradictions in it? How do alternative utopias develop? And how can communities, strategic alliances and movements transform? How do artists formulate claims to participation?

Collaboration, cross-disciplinarity, working in and with a group were the pivotal points of this project, which experiments in similiar methods one could see originated at the Black Mountain College. Although there is not a direct link to Black Mountain, clearly a project shaped through collaborative and cross-disciplinary methods is presented in this video.