06., 19., 25. Mai 2018, jeweils 11–12h, 14–15h, 16–17h
3. Juni 2018, 14–15h, 16–17h
Performative exhibition tour
Treffpunkt: Eingangshalle vor dem Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

Kollektive International Totem KIT: Kay Zhang, Leo Collin, Nuria Khassenova
Audio guided tour group Guided tour is open to everyone.
Please register: mail@kollektivtotem.com

DMU, DKK, MA Composition and Theory, MA Specialized Music Performance, MA scenography

What to expect from a tour guide?
A normal tour of a normal exhibition in a normal museum, for you (the normal audience), led by a normal guide.
Our normal team will guide you to the different normal rooms of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich to explain to you what Black Mountain College was, and what its impact today on normal universities like the Zurich University of the Arts. Tours for up to 15 people will last approximately 45 min. Entry free, by donation to pay for the guides (who are normal volunteers, normal student, remunerated only by normal tips — cash only — we don’t want to pay the normal taxes please). First come, first serve. This tour is not recommended for people under 18.

„Happy new ears!“ John Cage is famously attributed as saying. His works were invitations to listeners to shift their perception; works were not what they intended to say, but everything else that appealed to audiences‘ perception, the music, but also the silences, the performativity of the musician. As part of Revisiting Black Mountain, Kollektiv International Totem (KIT) will be giving tours of the exhibition and associated Black Mountain activities. KIT’s objective is to both create (and celebrate) „new ears“: what kinds of other convincing narratives can we create to explain what is going on? The collective also looks at the challenge inherent in Revisiting any historical event, which becomes mediated through our own varied histories, but also through the specific lens of the team staging the Revisitation, with all its biases and inevitable blind spots.