Mani Neumeier

Participation in Films


Glump, Georg Radanowicz, CH 1968, 8 Min. (Actor)

, Hans-Jakob Siber, CH 1967, 11 Min. (Music)

, HHK Schoenherr, CH 1967-68, 130 Min. (Live-Music at Film-In in Lucerne 1969 with Guru Guru Groove)





1940, München
Before funding the band Guru Guru in 1968, Mani Neumeier worked as Free-Jazz drummer in the band of Irène Schweizer and others. Today Neumeier lives and works in Germany and Japan.


Articles about (and from) the Author and his Work


“Mani Neumeier – Kraut ‘n’ Rock / Guru Guru Grooves”, part of the series Masterminds, Heupferd Musik Verlag, Dreieich, 2011.




Partial Transcript of the Interview with Mani Neumeier on August 15, 2011: 110815_InterviewNeumeier_Teil-Transkription
Telephone-interview with Mani Neumeier on August 15, 2011 (in Swiss German):

Flyer of “Guru Guru” (without date, Archive Bob Fischer)




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