Exploring the creative possibilities of realtime technologies

Abstract by Andreas Dahn and Mirko Lempert

How can realtime technology be used as a creative tool in the storytelling process, but still address the technical, organizational needs and preconditions of film productions? Can technology that is embracing rapid prototyping, empower artistic talents to exploit their full potential at an early production stage, and help to solve problems with creativity, especially when dealing with limited resources? How can simulation help to test, visualize and negotiate ideas that may serve as foundation for the entire artistic process? Is it possible to create a work environment that is mobile and accessible to everyone regardless of the scale of the budget?

In this presentation Andreas Dahn will give insights on the virtual production process of his short film and vr experience „Home in the Distance“, which he produced as Filmmaker in Residence at the Immersive Arts Space. Mirko Lempert will discuss questions of producing and prototyping in virtual space. Both will share their findings and outcomes from their works at the ZHdK and cast a glimpse into the future of virtual production.

> Dienstag, 29. Juni, 13:45 – 14:30h  > Programm