Form before words: Cinematic Story development with Video Sketching

A presentation by RASMUS KLOSTER BRO

Purely cinematic qualities are difficult or impossible to write and talk about. How do you work, if your stories are based on them? Rasmus Kloster Bro explores working with video sketching as a foundational tool, to offer a platform for developing, qualifying and discussing the cinema-specific artistic sensibilities of a project, without subordinating them to the narrative qualities of the story. The approach seeks to enhance collaboration around cinematic language and bring the cinematic form to a level of importance at least on par with the written narrative, in the initial development. Rasmus presents his findings from the project “Materials of the Cinematic Language”, as a basis for discussion on “Form before Words”.

>Dienstag, 29. Juni, 15:45 – 17:00h  > Programm