Linda Seger (EN)

Dr. Linda Seger created and defined the script consulting profession in 1981 based on her doctoral dissertation project. She has consulted on over 2,500 scripts from 6 continents. Linda was the consultant for Peter Jackson’s breakthrough film, BRAIN DEAD, and for Roland Emmerich’s breakthrough film, UNIVERSAL SOLDIER. Other clients include William Kelley, Linda Lavin, production companies, film studios, producers, directors, and writers including Ray Bradbury who said, “Linda’s technique is a light to see by.”

Linda is the author of 30 books counting all of the editions. She is the most prolific author in the area of screenwriting, with 10 books, and has 7 books related to spirituality and theology.

Since 1988, Linda has taught and lectured in over 33 countries on 6 continents. She presented the first professional Screenwriting Seminar in Moscow and Bulgaria and her master class in script consulting in Germany, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Austria, and Italy.

Linda has received multiple awards for her work. Linda received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Redemptive Film Festival for her 30+ years of work as a script consultant. She is a recipient of the Candlelight Award from Regent University for being a “Light to the Entertainment Industry;” the Distinguished Alumni Award from Pacific School of Religion; the Moondance Film Festival Living Legacy Award for her support of Women in the Film Industry; the Benezet Award from her alma mater, Colorado College, for innovation in her field.


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