What’s on the industry’s mind – story development in series and films

Abstract by Lars Wiebe & Jan Bennemann (Netflix)

Jan Bennemann and Lars Wiebe have been working in the film industry for a long time and have worked for various national and international production companies. Both joined Netflix last year as content executives and, together with other colleagues, are responsible for Netflix’s fictional film and series business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As creative directors, they receive many project developments and pitches from all over the German-speaking world, giving them a unique insight into the wealth and breadth of the most diverse content. The two often accompany the process of story development in close collaboration with the creatives and work in story consulting themselves.

In conversation with Jan Bennemann and Lars Wiebe, Mike Schaerer would like to discuss what developments can be felt in dramaturgy and narration, whether trends are emerging in content themes and tonality, or whether new developments in narrative styles and patterns are emerging as a result of the new players on the market. He is also interested in the extent to which they influence the development of material in their work and what material they are looking for.

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