Political Narrative in Populist Times

Abstract by Christian Schwochow

The tone in politics, but also in society, has become louder in recent years. Those who want to get through with their opinions: polarize, simplify and coarsen. This changes politics and this also changes the view on politics. How do we as artists, as filmmakers, react to the intensifying populism in Europe and the world? How can we use our means to confront the anti-democratic forces that reject our understanding of society and try to divide it without becoming didactic or lecturing?

In recent years, Christian Schwochow has attempted to narrate political television and cinema with various works such as: “NSU-Heute ist nicht alle Tage”, “Deutschstunde”, “Je suis Karl” and “Munich -The Edge of War”. At the conference, Christian Schwochow will report on his various approaches. It will be about why it is becoming more and more important to tell shades, what limits political storytelling brings with it and why he nevertheless considers it extremely important as an artist to confront political issues. Also in films.

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