Collecting Real Fictions

Abstract by Anna Sofie Hartmann

A case study examining the research and development method of the feature film “Giraffe”.

What if an idea for a film begins with a specific place, or from feelings or observations about the world and not with a character or a story? How do you excavate a narrative from the real world around you and find your focus? How do you bring collected and seemingly disparate ideas together to form a coherent dramatic whole?

In Collecting Real Fictions Anna Sofie will discuss the process of making her second feature film “Giraffe. Beginning with the gestation of the ideas, to how photographing places and meeting people influenced the writing process, to how casting and working with non-professional actors informed the film that was eventually shot, and not the least, how the editing process rewrote the film again and again and again.

In insisting on a cinema whose interest it is to give time to the power of the image, not merely to illustrate a story, Anna Sofie will discuss how that interest both intersects and clashes with conventional narrative structures – and how it’s possible to find spaces within those structure for moments of pure cinematic pleasure.

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