Final report and statements

The final Art.School.Differences report version in German (2016) and version in French (2016) has been written at the behest of the art schools HEAD – Genève, HEM Genève-Neuchâtel, ZHdK, and the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI.
Summaries in English: Exclusion through Inclusion. A summary of the Art.School.Differences study; for those in a hurry: Executive summary of three pages, both published in 2023.
For those in a hurry who are familiar with German and French: Chapter 9 summarizes the conclusions in German and in French, and chapter 10 lists identified fields of action in German and in French to enable a more inclusive art school.

The partnering art schools have each written a statement to the final report at the attention of the SERI. They approved to publish them here. The International Advisory Board has responded to them by a meta-statement. They have all been published in 2016.
Statement by HEAD – Genève (in French)
Statement by HEM Genève-Neuchâtel (in French)
Statement by ZHdK (in German)
Meta-statement (in German) by the International Advisory Board
Meta-statement (in French) by the International Advisory Board
Information via ZHdK-News Nr. 9, 9. Mai 2018 (in German) by the directorate on the examined relevance of the study and the final closure of this research at ZHdK.

Final report in German and in French. Please refer to the site in German for a detailed description of the structure of the report.