ELIA Biennial Conference 2018

15th ELIA Biennial Conference
Resilience and the City: Art, Education, Urbanism  
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
21-24 November 2018

ELIA – European League of Institutes of the Arts is a globally connected European network that provides a dynamic platform for professional exchange and development in higher arts education. With over 250 members in 47 countries, it represents some 300.000 students in all art disciplines.

The 15th ELIA Biennial Conference is hosted by Codarts University of the Arts and Willem de Kooning Academy/Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam – a young, dynamic and innovative city. The discussions will focus on the role of the arts in creating resilient cities in times of global change. 

Our research project will also be part of this great conference! Demis Quadri, Sara Bocchini and Sarah Marinucci will present the subproject „Disabled Bodies in Discourse“ and the long time performance project „Freie Republik HORA“.

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