Minkoff, Gérald

List of Films


Sea-Information-Piece I, Gérald Minkoff, 8mm, 10 min

295 People, Gérald Minkoff, 11 min

Disappearance-Peace: fire, snow, water, Gérald Minkoff, 7.5 Min.

Pumice-Piece, Gérald Minkoff, 5.5 Min.

Vulcan-Information-Piece, Art is Art about Art, Gérald Minkoff, 14 Min.




*1937, Geneva; † 2009, Tarragona, ES


Articles about (and from) the Author and his Work


Robert, Arnaud, “Décès du vidéaste Gérald Minkoff”, Le Temps, 11 August 2009. LeTemps.ch | Décès du vidéaste Gérald Minkoff

Screenings (Places and Dates)



Espaces 76 Paris


Holdings of Films in Collections


Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris




Diverse exhibitions catalogues:

Minkoff Cat 1978 CS

Minkoff Stampa Cat CS

Minkoff Cat Grazia CS

Minkoff&Olesen Grün Cat CS

Swiss Art of the seventies and eigthies, Kunstmuseum Luzern 1981 70_80_Gerald_Minkoff

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