Invite to colloquium 5: Disability, ableism and the body: Diversifying, the politics of representation and queering art school


Friday, 3rd of July 2015

Xavier Bouvier, Haute École de Musique (HEM)
Welcoming and introductory remarks

18.15h – 19.45h
Sébastien Kessler: Le freak, c’est chic

In his talk, Sébastien Kessler – “survivor of eugenics” or “opportunistic slacker” – embraces his visible impairment as an asset rather than a disability. He asks: What is our perspective on a population that  is stigmatized at times, as being vulnerable, while at other times is being judged as impressive? How do you balance the conflicting and yet most normal desires to be both ordinary and extraordinary? Come listen to Sébastien and participate in a debate on the art of being a freak in our contemporary society. — Freak out!

[dis]abled, Sébastien Kessler is a physicist and health economist, an alderman in Lausanne’s City Council, a community activist and the founder of a consulting firm that specializes in universal access to built and outdoor environments and services (

Venue: Haute École d’Art et de Design, HEAD, Auditoire, Boulevard James Fazy, 15, Geneva.