23 Mai 2018, 20–24 Uhr
7.F03 (Master Trans Atelier)

Füsun Ipek (MFA) curator, organisator
Bálint Liptay (MTR) technical assistant
Raphael Stucky (MFA) documentation
4-6 presenters per event (various departments)
unterstützt von KeineKlasse
(Open Call Studierende)

Bier und Kuchen und Kunst is open for all departments’ teachers, students, alumnis and aliens. Please get in contact: fuesun.ipek@zhdk.ch

DKV, Master Trans

Transdisciplinary Salon
Bier und Kuchen und Kunst (BKK) is a contemporary salon, where we watch and listen not only each other’s finished artworks, artistic research projects, music and films, but also processes. BKK is always organised in an atelier in Toni-Areal, to create a bridge between disciplines, to let people know each other from different fields of art and to create a new and provocative setting for knowledge sharing. It is a reshaped salon not only because it is held regularly, but also because of the transdisciplinary approach of the curation. Presenters – students, teachers and researchers – are always welcome to showcase their project the very way they want. This freedom blurs the borderlines between presenter – organiser – visitor, student – teacher – researcher, artwork – presentation – reflexion. BKK is initiated and curated by Füsun Ipek (MFA) and is organised each time with a different constellation of students from ZHdK. Specially for Revisiting Black Mountain, the two BKK of FS18 has the topics of Alternative Knowledge Sharing & Art and Community & Art. 
bierundkuchenundkunst.tumblr.com #bierundkuchenundkunst

BKK is based on the principles of Black Mountain College. Each event is an interdisciplinary experiment based on democratic co-operation. BKK tends to challenge the visitors. Is it possible to build an artistic and social utopia of equality and non-productiveness in a factory of creative industries? Can we create a time capsule together for at least an evening in one of the busiest business cities of the world? Can we imagine equality between teachers and students in an over-complicated hierarchy where security guards are bosses of docents sometimes? … and if so, can we transport all these experiences out of the school building, to activate the learnt skills in the real society? These are the questions we stroll around each time while we discuss about art, eat homemade cookies and drink beer together.