Welcome to the project blog of CH+.

For five years I have been involved with “Serious Games”; games that are entertaining and educational at the same time. The fields of application are nearly unlimited!

More about me and my portfolio can be found here, but let’s stay on topic for now:


Why this project?

While conducting graduation research for my bachelor’s thesis, I was intrigued by the fact that there are thousands of articles on how to use behavioural models or psychological cues to motivate users – to consume. Look at this, buy that, you need this, treat yourself with that. Every day, we encounter these well-designed “manipulations”. And we love it, because successful design often guarantees good user experience.

In this context, entertainment media is getting more sophisticated too. As a designer, it concerns me to see how willingly people accept new technologies without questioning them. I fear that the divide between designers and consumers will continue to grow, not least thanks to algorithms and artificial intelligence. It keeps on getting easier for us designers to create custom experiences, to prepare and to filter content. The more money we have, the easier it becomes.

This is why it is necessary that we use these techniques of influence to encourage people to act on their own behalf. Because the methods are being used.