Hi, there is a new website for Project CH+. At the moment, it is in German and will be translated soon.

You are waiting at a tram station and are greeted by broad smiles and beaming faces:

“I am competent, vote for me!” Very convincing. But that hairdo looks weird.

“For a strong labour market? Vote for Fritz on list 32!” Okay. How many lists are there again?

Many voters are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of political information. In various fields, gamification and serious games have established themselves as tools which can effectively convey new skills – so why shouldn’t this work in politics?

The Research

As a manifestation of this research, an app, which uses gamification to facilitate reflected participation is being tested and developed.

The first field research started during the 2019 parliamentary elections. One part of the research consisted of a series of online questionnaires on political communication, the other of a series of user tests, where participants tried out the current app prototype.

The next research iteration took place during cantonal elections in Uri (March 2020). More than 200 people signed up for the beta-version adn more than 50 students participated in an comparative evaluation between the app and an alternative electoral support.

Until the coming elections in Autumn, these findings will be used to shape the application according to the wishes of the voters.

A politics app? This is how it works:

We need three ingredients:

  • A mobile device
  • Neutral information
  • A pinch of gamification

Everything is mixed well and seasoned during expert- and user workshops.

What is our status?

The newest updates on partners, the process and everything else can be found in the blog.

Have fun!