Frau Stirnima says hi

JA GRÜETZIWOHL- alright, alright, I’ll stop..

My name is Sophie Walker. I am doing a Master of Design at the Zurich University of the Arts.

I like kind-hearted people, honest work and crazy ideas.

Nice, that you’re here!

Serious Games

Games are fun. After four years of studying Game Design and Development, fun has turned into a “dirty word”. What is fun, after all?

Well, I believe it is a key. Fun is a solution.

What would our world look like, if our learning processes were as efficient as they were playful, or even effortless? Let’s find out!

Here lies the immense potential of serious games. Finding the perfect balance between translation of skills and enjoyment is the “Holy Grail” of serious game design. I am committed to the challenge of combining amusement and wits. That, is my playing field.

What I believe in:

Scientific Approach

Thanks to my bachelor’s education, I have broad knowledge and diverse experiences in the field of serious games. For my graduation project I received the thesis award of the ‘Communication and Multimedia Design’ department and won the prize for ‘best project’ at the graduation showcase. Next to practical game development, scientific research has always been a prominent part of our student projects. Pre- mid-term- and post-evaluations are part of the development process.

In all my work I heavily rely on scientific literature and research, as they build the foundation for recognizing that games have more to offer than entertainment. After my master’s study, I want to expose and promote the use of serious games as tools to support society.

Preliminary Research

Design Specifications



Holdrio! International from Central Switzerland

From an early age, I had been fascinated by digital games. Fantastic worlds offered creative freedom as well as a retreat from daily routines. Originally from the canton Uri, I grew up in Switzerland, Germany, Egypt, Indonesia and The Netherlands. I also spent half a year studying in Iceland. With these international experiences, I learned to appreciate the Swiss system – but of course, also to question it. In the end, I believe that it is a system we have to take good care of. This master’s project is an opportunity for me to make a contribution.