Global pandemic aside, what happened during the last weeks? I submitted my master’s thesis! The last months revolved around finishing the concluding research for the Uri elections despite the Corona crisis, and writing the master’s thesis for Project CH+. At the same time, I was able to find a motivated team which will start working on the next iteration of our electoral support in June.

On June 12, the ZHdK’s first online diploma exhibition will take place. Our professors and leaders of the DDE Department are hard at work to assure that our final project installations are not going unnoticed, even with the current circumstances. It is a strange situation for all students, but we are excited to see the exhibition format which the DDE workforce comes up with.

Starting in June, Project CH+ will consist of four people. This is a big step, which I would soon like to address in a separate blog entry.  It was a challenge to coordinate the completion of the master’s thesis with the search for motivated team mates, but I am truly happy with the team we have now. 

I also have great news on the next round of CH+ development. It is now clear where Project CH+ will be present during the next elections in autumn: with the support of the canton’s youth parliament, we are going to Basel-City!