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2nd Round of Research: Uri Elections 2020

First field test

On March 8, Uri is electing its new cantonal parliament as well as the governing council.

This week, the second research round for Project CH+ started with the trainees of Uri’s department of personnel and four school classes of the cantonal secondary school of Uri.

Until the elections, half of the participants will use the beta version of the app, while the other half is using an alternative offer for electoral support. Both groups are tasked to create their own list for the elections. After the elections, there will be an concluding survey, which allows to compare the two approaches.  

Until the elections, the application will also be publicly available.

«So… what about politics?»

Bringing up politics often leads to annoyed stares, sighs and a swift change of topic. Does it have to be that way?
(image: Federal Office of Statistics, 2015)

Why the voter participation in Switzerland is relatively low when compared to our international neighbours, has been researched by various institutions. The fact: in 1971, 56.9% of eligible voters participated, during our last elections this number was at 48.5%.

The research which is part of Project CH+ does not aim to explain these circumstances, but to find new approaches to address the issue. …

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First User Tests

Donika (GR), Stella (TI), Nina (UR), Jelle (Netherlands) and Glenn (BS) share their thoughts.

In various settings – from a park bench next to the Limmat, to a student kitchen in Lausanne – I collected first responses to our application. The five test sessions took 15-30 minutes each. …

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