The SSMN (Spatialization Symbolic Musical Notation) project aims at composers, performers and sound engineers, confronted with a musical score requiring indications of spatialization of sound, movement of performers, placement of speakers within the context of a musical composition for acoustical instruments assisted by digital technology. The two main concern are : 1. creation and editing of the score, 2. performance in real time on a sound spatialization device. The research implies first establishing an epistomology of spatial motions (topomorphology), then creating a set of graphical objects that will constitute a library of symbols. Once these symbols are placed and edited at the appropriate place on a musical staff (containing CWMN), inter-application communication will allow real-time rendering so as to permit the composer to hear the chosen spatial effects within his composition. Performers will have clear indications as to the interpretation of the composition and be able to hear a simulation of the spatialization prior to performance time. Engineers during performance or recording sessions will find their efforst maximized thanks to clear graphical indications.

see also: icst/research/ssmn

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