Segment-D SSMN Course


SSMN Segment-D Course Content

16 hours

Initial Lesson – 25.09.2013 13:00
Computermusicstudio, Florhof 06, Zürich


Greetings & Introduction
Organisation: establishing the course schedule
Student background & experience
Defining SSMN

“Connaître le métier” : professional background
General description of prerequisite skills
“Sound in Space-1” :
Comparative analysis of various ‘physical’ spatial paradigms
“Sound in Space-2” :
Comparative analysis of various ‘virtual’ spatial paradigms

Perception & Description :
Vocabulary and communication in space
Review and discussion
Notation of spatialization in contemporary music since 1950
Analysis of spatial techniques in compositions
Assignments – Student activity

Presentation of assigned work
SSMN in practice
SSMN tools: (installation & instructions)
Student workflows
Presentation of assigned work
Student work in progressStudent work presentation
Closing activities, final observations, evaluation

Students will be expected to do assigned readings and invent their own musical exercises to be experimented in the studio.

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