SSMN Abstract 2015


SSMN intends to develop a conceptual framework and a tool set that allows composers to integrate spatialization in musical notation from the onset of the creation process.
As the composition takes form and graphic symbols expressing spatialization is introduced into the score, instant audio rendering provides feedback within a surround sound configuration. In parallel, SSMN helps interpreters and audio engineers to learn and master scores that contain complex instructions of motion in space easily re-cognizable both in printed and animated electronic format.
At first a SSMN Spatial Taxonomy was established to identify key motion in space possibilities within musical context; consequently, a collection of SSMN Symbols has been designed and implemented in a software library of graphical objects within MuseScoreSSMN, a dedicated editor that has been developed to allow interactive use of this library along with CWMN.
In order to bridge the gap between visual elements and audio perception, an SSMN-Rendering-Engine application is at the heart of OSC inter-application communication strategies allowing the use of DAW and user-defined programming environments along with MuseScoreSSMN. A prototype has been prepared and tested by a user group consisting of composers and performers. Further research shall address other user cases integrating electroacoustic parad

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