6.10.2012 Meeting with composers for SSMN Beta-testing in Zurich

Several composers from the Geneva and Zurich area are invited to the ZHdK Music Conservatory Computer Studio in order to discover the state of SSMN research and discuss collaboration possibilities.

Saturday 6 October 2012 – 13:15 – 6 Florhofgasse (transport- “Neumarkt” tram#3/bus#31)


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  1. Emile Ellberger says:

    Chers amis compositeurs,

    As you can well imagine the SSMN team is looking forward to meeting with you, show you the state of our research, and discuss with you the possibilities and modalities of collaborating with us at this stage of our project.

    This session will take place at the Computer Music Studio of the ZHdK Music Conservatory – 6 Florhofgasse (transport- “Neumarkt” – tram#3/bus#31) Saturday 6 October 2012 from 13:15 to ca.17:15.

    For our friends coming from Geneva, there is a 9:45 train arriving in Zurich at 12:28, giving us ample time to arrive at our destination. I suggest we mmet on platform 4 at 9:30. For all others, I assume you can do your own schedule.
    For the return trip, the trains run every half hour and we can take the most convenient train (18:04, 18:32, etc.)

    Travel Schedule

    9:30 – meeting on Quai 4 Geneva Cornavin
    9:45 – 12:28 trip to ZürichHB
    ~12:35 – Tram#3 to “Neumarkt”
    13:15 – ~17:15 meeting at ZHdK
    ~17:30 – #3/#31 HB
    18:04 or 18:32 [or…] return trip to Geneva
    20:46 or 21:15 [or…] arrival at Cornavin

    See you there!

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