SSMN main activities in 2016

Germán Toro Perez represented SSMN at the TENOR 2016: International Conference on Technologies for Music Notation & Representation in Cambridge UK during 27-29 May, 2016. At that occasion the paper “Taxonomy and Notation of Spatialization” and an accompanying poster  were presented thanks to the efforts of  the SSMN team members, in particular Emile Ellberger, Germán Toto Perez, Johannes Schütt, Linda Cavaliero, and our newest member Basile Zimmerman Linda finalized the SSMN font 1.0 for it to be part of SMuFL (Standard Music Font Layout). Christian Schweizer, SSMN’s software developer, ported the SSM symbol set to more recent versions of MuseScore 2 and MuseScore 3. Also there is interest from the MaxScore conceptor  George Hadju to incorporate SSMN aspects into his software. He has seen SSMN at the 2 TENOR conferences and met with us in Zurich inviting SSMN to Hamburg.


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