SSMN Florhof meeting 06.10.2012

3 members of the SSMN team and 4 guest composers met at the ZHdK Computer Music Studio to explore the present state of the research. The presentation included the historical aspects, strategies, and software development of the research; installation procedure, use of Jack Server, MuseScoreSSMN editor, and the SSMN_Engine renderer were demonstrated step-by-step. As this was the first time that the latest versions were tried out on this Studio’s set up, some difficulties were rapidly apparent. The various discussions were centered on the primary objectives of this DORE project and their limitations, as well as the needs of composers and performers utilizing our tools. We were reminded of the necessity of score following and greater clarity of symbols for the performer than those presently implemented (i.e. representing in the score the direction of a circular pan and its quadrant location.) Modalities of further collaboration with the composers remain to be established.


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