Upcoming Events

The Immersive Arts Space hosts a variety of events at the lab itself throughout the year. Additionally, we participate in exhibitions, festivals conferences and many more.

We will inform you in detail about upcoming events here on this page as well as our social media channels (Instagram, LinkedIn) . Stay tuned!

  • Venice Immersion | 1st September 2023, Venice Immersive Island
  • Scientifica | 2nd and 3rd September 2023, Rämistrasse/ center University of Zürich
  • Ars Electronica | 6th to 10th September 2023, Linz/ Austria
  • Digital Art Zurich (DA-Z) | 19th to 29th October 2023, Immersive Arts Space
  • REFRESH#5 | 9th to 11th November 2023, Immersive Arts Spac/ZHdK

Talk/workshop Jayachandran Palazhy

Tuesday, 12th September 2023 | 18:15-19:30
Immersive Arts Space (1.J30)

Jay Palazhy, founder and artistic director of the internationally renowned Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts from Banaglore/India, is visiting the Zurich Unversity of the Arts and will hold a talk/workshop in the Immersive Arts Space on Tuesday, 12 September. He will give theoretical and possibly practical insights into his work and the Attakkalari Centre. 

Please, register via email at immersive.arts@zhdk.ch

Places are limited. 

Further Infos: https://attakkalari.org

afterdust // afterglow

Performance, 22nd September 2023 | 19:00
Immersive Arts Space (1.J30)

The phenomenon of phantom pain is when an individual experiences pain to a limb or an organ that is not physically part of the individual’s body, but perhaps once was and was removed—or was never even there in the first place.

In a radical empathy–turned hallucination, afterdust//afterglow makes allusions to the coping rituals we create around phantom pain, mourning, and death—the literal and the metaphorical, the overlooked witherings that occur within and between us and those right in front of us. Bright, blinding eulogies amidst unwavering resilience. It is the obsession of revisiting a memory in an attempt to find more life inside of it—even as we distort the memory with each access, and these distortions become our truths. 

Concept/sound/visual composition/performance by STUDIO ZYKLOS (Melody Chua, Chi Him Chik, Aiii, AIYA) 

Please register [here]


As an ongoing project reconFIGURE is constantly being developed and will be shown within various festivals and conference such as Zurich Art Weekend, Ars Electronica, Digital Arts Zurich (DA-Z) and many more.

reconFIGURE offers an insight into a re-imagination of our world, the human body and movement by AI. Do we lose control over our represenation? The project aims to discover and highlight the shift of our images and embodiement once they are captured via computer generated data.

The visitors are photographed with an Iphone and with the help of NEVO (Neural Volumetric Capturing) the 2D image is transformed into a 3D volumetric scan within few seconds. The slim pipeline is an ongoing research project at the Immersive Arts Space led by Florian Bruggisser.

Chris Elvis Leisi: Experience Animation
Florian Bruggisser: Volumetric Capturing
Pascal Lund-Jensen: Sound Design
Martin Fröhlich: Scenography
Chris Salter: Project lead
Kristina Jungic: Exhibition Production


ThREE is a dance piece by the choreographer Stefanie Inhelder (Company glitch) and developed within the residency hosted by the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology (ICST) and the Immersive Arts Space.

Three generations ago, Switzerland colonized Indonesia. Not only the country, but also the”women”. As a descendant of colonial concubinage, the choreographer Stefanie Inhelder carries both sides within herself.
The audience is invited to dive into the sea between the fronts. In this in-between space we fathom the paradoxes that our ancestors have left us. Five performers move into the present with a minimalist core. Arrived we let the clear lines flow in a liquid polyphony – a decolonization of the feminine connotated body.
ThREE is an immersive piece, that embraces the audience with an octophonic soundscape and holographic visuals. Through motion capture technology, the dancers’ movements expand throughout the theater auditorium. ThREE invites the audience to let go of clear sight and sides to find ourselves in the space between.

Stefanie Inhelder – artistic director, choreography
Javier Munoz Bravo – composition and live electronics
Stella Speziali (IAS)- visuals
Eric Larrieux (IAS) – motion capture
Anna Heinimann – performing dancer
Kuan-Ling Tsai – performing dancer
Laetitia Kohler – performing dancer
Pascale Altenburger – performing dancer
Thea Soti – performing dancer
Jiaxin Chen – dramaturgy
Andreas Zangger – historical research
Lena Schmid – scenography, costumes
Daniel Tschanz – light design
Camille Jamet – production

The performance will be shown at the IAS on 18th October 2023.
Further information on the project and the tour dates [here]

Possible Worlds…

Possible worlds… is an augmented reality work developed by Oliver Sahli and Chris Salter that explores the 16th century philosopher Giordano Bruno’s proposition that the universe is infinite, animate and populated by innumerable other worlds. Using head-worn technology to blend the physical world with the computer world, the installation taps into the human fascination with creating meaning from patterns such as constellations of stars and planets.

Two visitors at a time wear head mounted displays that allow the real physical environment of the Semper Observatory to mix with animated visions of the cosmos beyond the physical space. At the beginning of the experience, the visitors are confronted with a ghostly apparition of Giordano Bruno created by motion capture that wanders through the observatory space speaking fragments of words from his 1540 treatise “On the Universe and Possible Worlds.” As the figure begins to vanish, the dome of the observatory is overlaid with a vast cosmological universe that the visitors then begin to travel through while lying on their backs. Speeding past stars and planets, asteroids and the still burning remnants of supernovas, the visitors eventually experience entering Gaia BH1, the closest dormant black hole to Earth which is only 1600 light years away but which suddenly becomes alive in the final moments of the work.

Exhibitions and showings:

Data Alchemy – Observing Patterns from Galileo to AI from June 9th to 24th 2023 at Collegium Helveticum, Semper-Sternwarte

NIFFF Invasion from 30th June to 8th July 2023 at the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival.