Sabine Gisiger (EN)

Sabine Gisiger studied history in Zurich and Pisa and completed her studies with a dissertation on the history of housemaids. Since training as a television reporter at Swiss Television, she has regularly produced reports and documentaries. Since 1992 she has been making cinema documentaries as a freelance filmmaker. Sabine Gisiger has been teaching at the Film Department of the Zurich University of the Arts since 2002 and has been Professor of the Documentary Film profile in the Master of Arts in Film since 2016.

Filmography (a selection)

  • The Mies van der Rohes (2023)
  • Willkommen in der Schweiz (2017)
  • Friedrich Dürrenmatt – Eine Liebesgeschichte (2015)
  • Yalom ’s Cure (2014)
  • Guru (2010)
  • Gambit (2005)
  • Do It (2000)
  • Motor Nasch (1995)

ZDOK.23: Head of the conference, moderator

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